Chelsea London Lloyd is a recent graduate of USC where she studied theatre and film. She grew up in Marin County where she performed extensively in musical theater since pre-K. In high-school she co-directed and starred in Charlie Cox Runs with Scissors, which won first place at the Lanea State Drama Festival and was then scouted to perform in an accelerated program at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. The show starred a man with ALS, the illness her late father combated for 15 years before falling victim to this disease now well-known from the Ice Bucket Challenge.


Education is important to her family - as alums of Duke, USC, Dartmouth, and Harvard, her family is nerds at heart! While at USC she founded and directed/produced the The Lloyd Project, where students anonymously submit original work which is then performed by theatre students on campus.


You'll find Chelsea creating her own comedic shorts, performing improv and stand-up, and being weird all over town! In her spare time she volunteers with Make-A-Wish and runs a few social media accounts. Her film with Rico Ross and Eric Roberts comes out this spring and her shorts are currently making the festival circuit. Her web series #NotMadMonday with her BFF/industry soulmate Brian Patacca was picked up by a production company who has a first look-deal with Fox Digital. Coming to small screens near you soon!